Cash on Delivery is the safest Delivery method in warmane

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Cash on Delivery (or C.O.D) can be a fantastic method to mail an item Or warmane gold to one more player that maybe not in a position to pay for the Item proper away, or that could be at a great distance. Having said that the technique May also be employed by some scam artists if close interest isn't paid.
The C.O.D system allows the sender to specify a level of revenue necessary for the recipient to spot the attached item into their inventory.
To send a C.O.D item, just visit a mailbox, and pick the Send Mail tab. Next, drag the Item to be Sent out of your inventory into the message. Lastly, and most importantly, do not neglect to pick the C.O.D choice and to set a price tag before sending the message.
Remember that all items sent using mail will take one (1) hour to arrive at the recipient. This does not count for Mail to characters by yourself account; such Mail will come quickly. 


Cash on Delivery is the safest Delivery method in warmane

C.O.D. scams
Among the attributes of Warmane will be the capability to sell items by way of the in-game mail program utilizing Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) payment method, and also the capacity to wrap gifts. Unfortunately, you'll find these dishonest sorts available that have figured out that these capabilities, when utilized collectively, might be abused.

Wrapped C.O.D scam

Some players utilized send in-game mail C.O.D using a gift-wrapped item, pretending to become from an NPC. New players would from time to time confuse the C.O.D as a reward and wind up paying a high price tag for the item. The physique text of those Mails varied, however, the Item was typically a trash gift, for instance, a gray drop or even a low copper value item

C.O.D expiration scams
Some dishonest players leverage the mail system's 3-day return mechanism to keep competitors for high-price items off of the Auction Property or to grief other players. The player will ask for the victim to C.O.D the Item to them and in no way accept it, leaving the item inaccessible to the victim for 3 days even though they sell a same Item around the Auction Residence. Regrettably, there is probably absolutely nothing that may be completed to combat this.

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