Why The Warmane Community Needs To Help New Players?

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As we are the best place to buy warmane gold online, we actually hear a lot from new players to Warmane who need help and advice on getting going. Recently we saw a post on the Warmane Reddit of a guy so desperate for help in getting Warmane up and running on his Mac (which is far from easy for some people) that he was offering a bounty to anyone who could help.


Now to be fair most of the people were trying to help the guy and most were not in it for the bounty! But there are some people in the Warmane community that seem to look down on new players and see them as an annoyance. Well without a steady influx of new players getting into the game, Warmane would simply die! We all have to start somewhere and if you find dealing with new players a pain in the butt, help them out!

Why The Warmane Community Needs To Help New Players?

Help them out in a way that it condescending or mean, help them in the early parts of the game and then you may have a skilled player to help you out down the line. Warmane, as it is a private server, can have some quirks and for a new player, dealing with these can be rather jarring and off putting. Instead of yelling at them when they ask what you perceive to be a dumb question, help them out! As cheesy as it sounds, MMO's are so much better when everyone can get along and have fun.


Have you guys managed to give any Warmane players a helping hand? Or have you been a new player and had to deal with jerks? Let us know and make sure you look at our Hot Sale where you can buy warmane gold to help give you an edge!

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