Weird Stuff Happening In Warmane!

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As you know we love Warmane! It is by far the best way to play WOW and we get a ton of people coming here to buy Warmane Outland Gold. As far as private servers go, Warmane is one of the best run and we would say most of the time it works like it is supposed to, but there is sometimes when just flat out weird stuff happens and you are left wondering what the hell is going on.

Weird Stuff Happening In Warmane!

Well, that is what we want to talk about today. We came across something very odd. There was a pile of bones in the Razorfen Down area. What could have caused this? Well no sooner had that question been asked and a horde ran straight into a bunch of guards and they all died! It was like some kind of weird suicide pact. They must have thought they could take down the guards. Well, we all have to learn… except for about a minute later the exact same thing, with the exact same horde happened again! This is clearly where all those bones came from. But why would this group be doing this? It is not like there is much XP to be gained from doing this, even if they do manage to get lucky and kill a guard every now and again.


What we think happened was a bot was being used and it kind of crapped out, malfunctioned or something weird happened. We always find it amusing when you are just minding your own business, playing some Warmane, looking for some Warmane Gold for sale and then you come across something odd.


We would love to know if you guys have come across anything strange or weird while you are playing Warmane or any other MMO and had to just stop and watch as the weirdness unfolded. If you are a big Warmane player then be sure to have a look at our special deals on Warmane Gold!

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