Will Warmane Put T4 Set Items On The Store

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Will Warmane Put T4 Set Items On The Store

Hey, guys, we love to offer you the best place to buy Warmane Gold, but we also love to talk to you about different things to do with this awesome server. Like you, we enjoy reading posts on the Warmane forums and one recently caught our eye. It was to do with T4 items from  Magtheridon's head and Gruul Lair being offered on the store.


Now we know that there are some people who would love for all of the rare drops to be added to the store so that they can just go and buy them without having to actually play the game. But where is the fun in that? There surely has to be a limit? By not putting some of the rarer drops in the store, it gives you a chance to go back and play a little bit of catch up and gives you an actual reason for doing things in the game.


What we mean by this is take Dragonspine Trophy. This is a very, very rare item and something that most people who play Warmane will never get. If you allow people to just go into the store and purchase it, what is the point in Gruul's Lair?


We really like Warmane, but we would love it if they kept tier pieces away from the store for quite some time. If Gruul's Lair become totally irrelevant and no one was doing it in a few months or whatever, then fair enough. But when something is relatively new, we do not really see the point in offering players an incentive not to actually play the game.


We would love to hear you guys thoughts on this in the comments below and also make sure you check out our special offers on Warmane Outland Gold.

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