Why You Cannot Use PayPal In The Warmane Cash Shop

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As big fans of Warmane (we have actually put a ton of time into the Warmane 2.4.3 Outland Private Server this week) we regularly check out the different discussions on Reddit about Warmane. We have made some great friends through our offers of cheap warmane outland gold and with Warmane 2.4.3 Outland Private Server being so popular, we have noticed a lot of new players asking questions about Warmane on Reddit.


One new player to the game was asking about using the cash shop and if it was safe. It is a fair question and many people will tell you that using a prepaid Subway card or whatever kind of prepaid cards you have in your country is the way to go. But people were also asking about PayPal and why that cannot be used.

Why You Cannot Use PayPal In The Warmane Cash Shop

Well, the reason for this is actually quite interesting. You see the reason that the Warmane Cash Shop cannot be used with PayPal is that Blizzard and PayPal have a very special and financially beneficial relationship. It has even been said that Blizzard has straight up got PayPal to shut down any account that is linked to a WOW server that they are not part of and to be fair we can see why they would do this. Can it be a pain in the butt not being able to use PayPal with Warmane? Of course, it can and many new players who have heard how awesome Warmane 2.4.3 Outland Private Server is will want to get into the game more and probably want to spend a little real money.


Just always used your best judgment and if you do not feel safe using your credit card details do not do it! Here at R4PG.com, we always promise people who buy Warmane Gold from us a safe and secure transaction.


We would love to know your guy's thoughts on this and if you wish that Warmane would let you use PayPal to buy stuff in the comments below.

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