When Is The Madden 18 Release Date?

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Here at R4PG, we have more than a few people in the office who are huge Madden fans. That is why they work super hard to provide you with a safe, fair and in general, the best place online to buy Madden 18 coins. So you can make sure you have the best team possible and show why you are the king of the gridiron and rub it in your buddies faces when you smash them!


Anyway, we have been doing a lot of looking around the internet to get some information on Madden 18, especially the release date, which as of us writing this has not been revealed. However, we would say it is a safe bet that the game will be released in August as for the last decade that is the month when EA have dropped Madden! Of course, the release date of the mobile version may be a little bit different, but we would also say that will most likely drop in August as well.

When Is The Madden 18 Release Date?

EA was seen scanning coaches and players a few months ago, Madden 17 had some great new animations, especially for the coaches on the sidelines so this appears to be something they are working on for Madden 18 as well. No doubt they were also scanning players to make sure they look up to date as possible and also making sure that they have all the rookies scanned in.


Madden 18 is going to be huge as every Madden game is and if you need MUT 18 coins or any other Madden related awesomeness be sure to check out our dedicated Madden section.

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