Does Grinding Gear Games Hate Standard Players?

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Ok so the title may sound a little harsh, but many of the people who come to us to buy POE currency are mainly league players, but we do have a few people who just stick to being a standard player. We have heard that some people get sick of Path Of Exile currency buy, only for their hard work to mean nothing and them having to always start over.

Does Grinding Gear Games Hate Standard Players?

We just want to say that we do not think that Grinding Gear Games hates standard players at all. A few people in the office have had a lot of fun playing standard and offering the same kind of players good deals on Path Of Exile currency so they can keep having fun. But those players who just want nothing to do with league, be it they find it too much of a commitment or they are perhaps a little bit intimidated. We could see why whenever something new comes out they get a bit sick of feeling like they are having to play the same opening section of the game over and over again.


If you want to experience much of the new and cool content that gets added to Path Of Exile then you simply must play league. It may not be something people want to hear (and we are not saying it is 100 percent right) but that is just the way it is. We will always make sure to offer you a cheap place to POE currency buy, so you get better items after each restart so that is one thing that might help.


We are huge Path Of Exile fans and we have not really had a problem with the way Grinding Gear Games are doing things, but we can see why some players might get a bit fed up with it. Still, if you love the game like we do then take advantage of our low prices on POE currency that is happening right now.

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