Path of Exile Master Introduction & Hideout

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Seven masters with their own specialties stood up for a long time to resist the tyranny of the Lord, in the Path of Exile. The seven forgotten masters each have their own unique and diverse tasks. As you get deeper and deeper into Wraeclast, these missions will bring you new challenges. Let's take a look at it.


Path of Exile Master Introduction & Hideout


Master Introduction

Masters in their fields, listed against Dominus' tyranny. Some with words, others with steel. Seven masters forsaken, sent to die in a corrupted land. Seven masters who lived, learned, and now thrive in Wraeclast. Seven Forsaken Masters who can train you... if you choose to help them.


Each master specializes in crafting for a specific type of item and has his own style of missions, as well as a different hideout tileset. As you dive into Vraeclast, these missions will bring you new challenges. Masters and missions will likely appear anywhere in the game, even in The Atlas of Worlds. When you have assisted a master and completed his mission, you will be able to find them in town.


The upper limit for small/medium/large hides is 250/500/750.


hideout tileset:


shortcut key 


/hideout can be moved directly from the town or other player's hiding place to your own Hideout.


/abandon_daily can be abandoned directly after accepting the task, suitable for already full eight and no time to understand the daily mission, used to refresh the special PoE Currency and legendary equipment.


/claim_crafting_benches or retrieve the craftsmanship to get the craftsmanship of other masters when the hiding is full.



Master Mission

After the master of dead and the master assassin pick up the mission, they will point their finger at the target direction.


Completing the master's mission will increase the friend's friendliness to you (friendship will increase the level of the master) and gain friendship points (used to purchase decorations that decorate your hiding place).


Every master will sell items. The variety of items will increase as the level of the master increases (even when there is a chance to appear legendary equipment when level 8 is reached). Every time you start a daily task, what they sell will be reset.


Each master has a unique affix attribute that only appears on the items he sells. You can buy this item and use it in a variety of ways to make it fit your needs.


When the master reaches level 3 or higher, you will be able to ask him to build a shelter for you. When you have a hideout, you can enter your hideout through the transfer point. The hideout is shared by all the characters in the league, and each master's hiding place has its own style.


You can allow friends, teammates, and union members to visit your hideout (options in the storage compartment). A hideout can accommodate up to 32 exiles at the same time.


When the master reaches level 2, you can invite him to your hideout. The daily mission gives 250% of the Reputation and Favour of a normal mission, if the Master is triggered in your own Hideout. If your friends help you with your daily tasks, they will receive the Reputation and Favour. 


Initially, each hideout may hold a maximum of two masters. At Reputation level 5 the maximum is raised to four, and at level 7, to seven. 


Dismissing a master from the hideout will zero the level of Reputation he has accumulated (but the level remains the same).


A conversation with the master who was invited to your hideout will receive a crating that can be placed in the hideout. These crafting items will provide more options as the master level increases. Even if you dismiss a master from your hideout, you can still use the craft equipment he provided. Visitors cannot use your craft equipment.


Vorici, Master Assassin: Artisan's Bench, which modifies socket numbers, links, and colors.


Zana, Master Catographer: Map Device, which adds an extra effect to the map at time of activation.


The crafting items provided by the other five masters can give you the attributes of your equipment. To assign attributes to the equipment, first click on the craft appliance, put the equipment you want to assign, and select the desired attribute. The attributes imparted by the crafting items have different colours and can be removed after the master reaches 8 etc.


These attributes are still in accordance with the general rules. A piece of equipment cannot have more than 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes, or a total of more than 6 affixes. You can't assign a property to a magical item that already has 1 prefix and 1 suffix (the upper limit of the magical item has been reached), unless you first upgrade it to rare equipment with Regal Orb. If you can get enough Orbs in Path of Exile, you can buy from, where you can get all PoE Orbs you need in the game.


The decorations in the hideout can be purchased from the master through Favour. The Favour of each master is separated, and the purchased decorations will be sent to the storage box. You can right click on the ornament to place it in your hideout, you can move its position (left click and drag), rotate it (click on the middle and outer ring to set the rotation angle, or click R) /Shift+R) or remove it (Delete). Some decorations have different types (shown as X changes), you can scroll the mouse wheel or use the PageUp/PageDown button to change it.


In the future, there may be more decorations for you to dress up in your hideout, as well as a variety of hideout.


When the new Challenge Alliance ends, your storage compartment will be relocated to the corresponding league (Frenzy will merge into SC and Beyond will merge into HC). Your Favour will also be added to the corresponding league. The Reputation of the masters after the import is based on the highest of the different leagues.


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