Path of Exile Skill Gem Basics

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In this article, R4PG will teach you some basics about Skill Gem systems - one of the most important parts in PoE, if you are a newbie to this game, these Skill Gems would be really complex, so read it carefully, my friends.


Path of Exile Skill Gem Basics


Skill Gem Types & Usage 

Gems of different colors correspond to slots of different colors, and the skill gems can only be placed in the slots. As shown below:


Note that the white slot can be placed in any color skill gem. As shown below:


There are quite a lot of skill gems in the path of exile. There are three skill gems in total: red, green and blue, which represent strength, dexterity, and intelligence. The gemstone ranks up to 20 and can be up to 30 by gemstones or equipment, and the level, intelligence, power, and dexterity required for each level will be different. In order to play the role of these gems, they must be equipped with equipment, and all the equipment except jewelry and belts can be equipped with skill stones. A skill to increase output, in addition to equipment support, the most important source is the role of support skills gemstones. The maximum number of slots and links in a device is six. Of course, it does not rule out that some equipment comes with a function of support skill stone. There are quite a few similar equipment. For example, the equipment such as the vows hand can reach 7 consecutive effects after 6 consecutive games.


Skill Gem Classification & Labels

There are two kinds of skill gems in the path of exile, one is the active skill, and the other is a supportive skill to increase active skill effect and injury. But not every support skill gem can assist the active skill. So how do you know which support skills can add effects and damage to the active skills you are using?


Skill Labels


All skill labels for the Poe are:


Let's take a look at the attributes of a skill, such as the impact of ice. Using the skill gem to hit the quality can increase the damage and effect of the skill stone and so on. Different skills have a different effect after hitting the quality.


Ice Crash


It can be seen that the labels of the ice impact have attack, range, frost, and melee. How to plug in the support skill stone? First of all, you can see that the supportive skills are also labeled.


As shown below, the labels for melee physical damage are melee, auxiliary, and attack. It matches the label of the ice impact.


Then there are fast attacks, zoom range, weapon element damage, and the three labels for the attack, range, and frost of the ice impact.


Also pay attention to the magic consumption rate, after connecting these skill stones, the magic value of your active skill is multiplied by the magic consumption rate of the auxiliary skill. The figure below shows you the skill effects of the connection assist. There is no auxiliary skill in the upper left corner.


Pay attention to the skill icon, and the auxiliary skill will be followed by a colored letter label indicating the auxiliary skill of the connected color. If you don't have a small color letter after connecting an auxiliary skill, it means that your assistive skills are not valid for the skills you are using. Of course, you must have enough slots on your gear, and the slots are properly connected.


Some Common Passive Skills

The following commonly used skill gems may be encountered in the future, please find out in advance, for example:


Release on injury (auxiliary): After the damage reaches the upper limit, most of the active skills connected to it are released, and a few skills cannot be injured and released. The Val skill cannot be released at all.


Release at boot time (auxiliary): Some active skills are being directed to release the skills connected to them.


Release on crit (auxiliary): Active skill associated with the active skill crit.


Spell Totem (Auxiliary): After your active spell ability is connected to it, the totem that is released will use this active skill. Physical skills are invalid.


Curse Aura (Auxiliary): Let your curse come out in the form of a halo.


In addition, the aura can also be assisted. The halo is also labeled. When the aura is open, there will be magic retention. The following picture hates the aura, and the magical power is 50%.


Of course, you can't give the halo a random auxiliary skill. If the following figure is connected to a zoom range, the magic retention becomes 70%.


If you want to make the best use of these Skill Gems, you will need to get some powerful weapons and as well as some Poe Currency, which can be used to improve your weapons. So R4PG would be your best choice to buy Poe Orbs online, you can obtain all orbs here.

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