Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Mapping Guide

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Now, you can experience randomly generated maps of 16 difficulty levels and dozens of affixes. More exciting adventures are in the midst of a road map. So it is necessary to read this article and learn some good tips for mapping in Path of Exile. When you have any demand for PoE Orbs, you can ask R4PG for help, we will give you the best price orbs and currency in PoE.


Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Mapping Guide


Map opening process


Step 1: complete the sublimation trial.

Those who want to enter the map of the outer boundary must pass the test of sublimation trials. Check out the sublimation trial guide.


Step 2: Get the outer boundary map

In scenes of level 58 or higher, it is possible to obtain a map by defeating the monsters or opening the safe. In the plot mode, only T1 maps can be obtained, and more advanced maps will continue to fall in the map.


TIPS: Some advanced maps need to collect debris synthesis, corrupt areas, explore advanced maps, and complete predictions to obtain such fragments.


Step 3: Open the map using the mapping device of the Templar Laboratory 

After completing Chapter 10, Zana will give you a guided mission to complete the first outbound map. By placing a map or map fragment into the device, you can open the portal to the outside world.





There are six portals open on each map, and one is consumed once in and out; please exiles pay attention to safety and discretion!

After inviting the master drawing artist Zana into the hiding place, the exiles can place map devices in the hiding place. View the shelter guide.


Cartographic master Zana

After using the random map for the first time, the exiles will encounter the master Zana in the Eternal Lab, and Zana will guide the player to explore. As the exploration continues, the exiles will discover the stories around the maps, the plastics, and Zana.


Atlas of Worlds Map

After the conversation with the master of cartographer, Zana, the player's map guide is automatically opened. Players can see their own outside world on this interface to open the acquisition progress and make various maps to customize the drawing, change the map level or drop. As the level of maps explored increases, exiles can eventually enter the T16 map to challenge the highest-boss of the world.


Introduction to the game of Atlas of Worlds maps


① Map drop and explore


Starting in the 58th-level area, the monster has the opportunity to drop the first-level map of the first level, allowing the player to start exploring the map.

When you finish a picture, you will unlock a point on the map.

Map drop rating rule

The general monster drops 0~1 level map, and there is a chance to drop the +2 level map on the head.

There are several restrictions on the maps you can get.

The most basic picture you can get is a level 1 graph.

You can get a map that is linked to the current map.

You can hit the map that has been unlocked this season, and the characters of the same season have been unlocked. (The dropping level must be observed and does not need to be linked to the map)

The legendary map must first play through his basic map before opening the opportunity to hit the legendary map. For example, if you have played the ancient torture room, you will have the chance to hit the treasure of the tyrant.

The three maps of Victor Temple, Prandus Manor, and Vinktar Square require special channels.

Completing the task map opened by Zana is not a map point on the unlocked map.

If you get a picture through the transaction and finish it, you can directly unlock the map point without linking to other pictures.


② Increase the probability of falling upgrade map


Each time you drill a point on the map and complete the mission, you increase the chance of 1% dropping a higher level map.

Completion of conditions:

Low-level map (white): killing the leader of the magic map

Middle-level map (Yellow): Killing the leader of rare maps

High-level map (red): rare map leader who killed Val

The total increase will be shown on the graph.

This change is common to the season account, and other roles in the same season apply.


③ Shaper's Orb


It can permanently increase the map's 5 levels. As the map expands, players will find purple spots on certain locations on the map.

When the player completes the map, he can get a memory fragment in exchange for the jade.

The system will only give up to 15 Shaper's Orb, so it can only be obtained in 15 map points.

One level 6~12 each map point

Two equal steps 13 map points

Three equal steps 14 map points

Four equal steps 15 map points

Shaper's Orb is a task prop, not tradeable, each one can only be used once.

The level of objects that can be used in Shaper's Orb is limited: for example, when you complete the contour map and get a jade (equal 10), you can use it to upgrade an equal-order 10 map to equal-order 15.

If you want to reset the map to upgrade your device, you will need 20 pin and 5 regret stones.

When you upgrade a map point by 5, the level of the map you already have will not change, but the map you will hit in the future will be an upgraded version of the upgrade.

The level of items dropped in the upgraded map will also be 5 levels higher.

Upgraded maps can be traded.

This change is common to the season account, and other roles in the same season apply.


④ Drawing sextant


It is a general item that has a chance to drop when hitting a map and can be traded with the player. It can be used on the map points on the map to attach a suffix to the specified map points and the map points contained in a certain range. Its affixes can be superimposed on each other, and the sextant can be used to add multiple affixes to a particular map at nearby points. It has three levels (white, yellow, and red) that are used on low, medium, and high-order maps, respectively, and higher levels are rarer and more difficult to drop.

Range affixes produced by different classes of sextants can still be superimposed on each other. You can use five different-six sexts in exchange for a prop that resets the map points. The suffix produced by each sextant can be used 5 times, and the effect will disappear when used up.

This change is common to the season account, and other roles in the same season apply.


⑤ Map upgrade


Selling the same map to the store can be exchanged for a higher level map linked to the map. Using Volleyball may increase the map by one level and become a higher level map linked to the map. If there are multiple options for this level, one will be randomly selected.


⑥ Four Holy Beasts and Plastics


In the center of the map, there are four new equal-order 16 map points, which are the maps of the four saints.

After knocking down the four holy beasts, they will drop the map fragments of the challengers.

Collect four pieces to the mapping device to open (similar to the Valle rule) to open the portal challenge to the plastics.


⑦ How to constantly map?


It is necessary to consume map props to open the alien map. How to improve the map drop rate and drop rarity is a concern of the exiles.

Currency processing

Like processing equipment, the use of Path of Exile currency to process map props.

Map redemption and upgrade

In any NPC sales window, three low-level maps can be exchanged for higher-order maps.

Add affixes using map devices

Similar to the master equipment processing, the mapping device placed in the hiding place can add various special affixes to the map.

The higher the friendliness of the cartographer master, the richer the variety of affixes that can be added.


Collecting and transforming the outer boundary map

Collecting the different borders and completing the specific map tasks, the player can improve the overall out-of-bounds map loss rate. Reasonable use of plastic jade, sextant, and other props can be customized planning for maps to improve advanced efficiency.

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