POE 3.4 Scion Ascendant Voidforge Builds - High Damage & Clear Speed

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This build can clear all maps and kill all bosses. This one strikes a reasonable balance between the clear speed and single target damage, which makes it very comfortable to use in Delve.

Farming Überlab with an Abyssus is not recommended. Playing HC with an Abyssus is not recommended. Über Elder will be annoying until you have very high levels and high end gear. All other end game bosses and content are outright easy.



Skill Tree




Soul of Lunaris

Passive Tree



Skill Gems

Cyclone - Melee Physical - Ele. Damage W. Attacks - Inc. Crit. - End. Charge on M. Stun - Fortify

The reason for choosing Cyclone over Flicker Strike or Consecrated Path was already explained under Motivation. Endurance Charge Support is not optimal for damage, but it is necessary to reliably cycle Immortal Call. Fortify is really bad for damage, but is so good for defence.

Hatred - Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Enlighten

Turning mana into damage is always a great idea. Nothing to explain here. You should turn off Herald of Purity if you don't have enough unreserved mana.

CWDT - Inc. Duration - Immortal Call - Blade Vortex - Inc. Crit. - Power Charge on Critical

The importance of Immortal Call should be evident by now. You might need to increase the level of the CWDT and Immortal Call gems if you do not have enough Endurance Charges to make the duration match the 3 second cooldown of the spell. Blade Vortex is a convenient way to generate Power Charges, but you can move it to a different item if you don't want to pay for a secondary 6-link.

Frenzy - Faster Attacks - Vengeance - Maim

A backup source for Frenzy Charges and a free source of Maim to slow down enemies. This is just pure utility.

CWDT - Ice Golem - Clarity - Enlighte

Ice Golem provides both Accuracy and Crit. Chance, both of which are nice to have, and Gluttony ensures the Golem is active most of the time. Clarity means I can solve my mana problems by using a Watcher's Eye that turns damage taken into mana. Neither of them is essential for the build.

Leap Slam would allow you to get over obstacles and (Vaal) Ancestral Warchief would provide a substantial damage boost. 




Voidforge is the Doomfletch of melee. It triples your physical damage from other sources and quadruples it if you can convert all of your physical to elemental damage.


Abyssus gives flat damage and critical multiplier for Voidforge and it even makes Gluttony hurt us harder, which makes Immortal Call restart faster. There's no downside!


80% resists is the real reason to use Loreweave, but benefiting from all of its offensive mods is also very convenient.


With Voidforge, damage conversion counts as more damage. 50% more damage is reason enough to use Hrimburn, but you might have to use something else if you can't get your resists in order.


Gluttony keeps the CWDT setups going, most important of which is Immortal Call. The life, mana and Frenzy Charges from Poacher's Mark are also nice.


Atziri's Step: +1 Endurance Charges means Immortal Call has longer duration than its cooldown without the need to add more levels to it. Without the corruption, I'd prefer rare boots with tons of resists, since cramming a total 420 points of resistances into the rest of my gear was a nightmare.

Jewels & Flasks

The rest of the equipment you can choose by yourself, as long as you think it is appropriate. 

For jewels, crit, physical damage, life and resists are all very important. Elemental damage is likely far too expensive to even think about when purchasing rares. Using rare gloves or boots gives you lots more flexibility with the jewellry.

For flasks, The Wise Oak is not worth it if you can't balance your resistances.


Quick Leveling Guide

Early on this build levels like any other melee character; by using Frost Blades with the highest DPS weapon you can get your hands on. Just remember to pick Blood Drinker early.

You will want to do Normal, Cruel and Merciless labs as fast as possible, since getting Path of the Templar early means you'll have fewer skill points to respec later.

The gear for this build is cheap and easy to get at first, but since our abilities have such a tall ceiling and aggressive scaling, it will get very expensive later on as you try to maximise the potential of the build. But you don't worry about it too much until you have reached high tier maps.





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