POE 3.4 Duelist Gladiator Facebreaker Build - Fast with Cheap Item

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This build chose facebreaker as the main gear, has powerful Dps, and is very friendly to low budget player. Facebreaker grants a huge boost to physical damage of unarmed attacks. This build will get High physical mitigation and High regen.

POE 3.4 Duelist Gladiator Facebreaker Build - Fast with Cheap Item

Pros & Cons


  • + Can be viable really fast with cheap items
  • + 75% block & Spell block with Rumi's concotion while in fight (50/50 in hideout)
  • + High regen (Mainly 830+ HP / sec, up to 1100+ with glove lab enchant)
  • + High physical mitigation (4% from node "Soul of Steel" + Arctic armor + 5/6 Enduring charges + 10% reduced from "Outmatch and outlast" in Ascendancy + Pantheon nodes while stationary)
  • + Can facetank almost everything
  • + Can do almost every map mod (Except elemental reflects)
  • + Can AFK in maps without problems
  • + Can apply a 20% shock on a block for 4 seconds, works on bosses !


  • - Clear speed is not really good compared to fast builds, but it's okay
  • - Can't do elemental reflects
  • - Abyssus (negative effect countered well with all the physical mitigation + block)


Skill Tree

- While leveling, get these nodes as fast as you can, in this order : Vitality Void > Iron Reflexes > Unwavering Stance > Resolute Technique. The rest is up to you, go for more DPS or more life depending on what you need the most.



Painforged > Versatile Combatant > Outmatch and Outlast > Violent retaliation


Help Oak


For mapping, take Soul of Solaris & Soul of Tukohama

For Uber Atziri, take Soul of Solaris & Soul of Gruthkul

For Shaper, take Soul of Arakaali & Soul of Ryslatha

Passive Tree

Skill Tree


Gems Setup


- Switch Elemental damage with attacks with Blood Magic for No leech maps

Ice crash Melee physical damage Elemental damage with attacks + Concentrated effect + Elemental focus + Cold penetration


- Remove Reckoning on Physical reflects maps

Reckoning + Melee physical damaghe + Enduring Cry + Consecrated Path


Cast when damage taken + Summon stone golem + Summon Holy Relic + Blood rage


Shield charge + Fortify + Blood magic + Faster attacks


Arctic Armor + Herald of Purity + Hatred


Block chances reduction + Blood Magic + Enfeeble





- Your main stat for DPS will be the flat physical damage on rings & amulet

- Considering you always have 5/6 endurance charges, you only need 85/89% resistances to reach the overcap

- The Word of Light enchant on the facebreakers is really important, since it gives 6% life regen when you take a critical. You can farm it in normal lab, since the regen value is the same for every lab level

- The 2% regen when hit enchant on boots is important. Uber lab only since the value decreases on lower lab versions.

- The +1 Endurance Charge Meginord's Girdle is important, but a good stygian vise can be used for more dps and life:)

- Feel free to use your own flasks setup



  •  Use bloodrage only once, on the first pack
  •  Use enduring cry only once, on the first pack, to get some charges
  •  Shield charge into pack
  •  You will get free Endurance charges when you block thanks to the shaper mod Gain an endurance, frenzy or power charge when you block
  •  Ice crash
  •  Repeat


  • - Refresh bloodrage manually when down if no mobs to kill nearby (or not, but you lose some DPS)
  • - Refresh enduring charges manually if the boss is not hitting you enough to maintain it
  • - Refresh fortify with Shield charge
  • - Use consecrated path if you need extra regen
  • - Ice crash
  • - Repeat



Stat priorities

  • - % Max Life
  • - % Chaos resistance
  • - % attack speed
  • - % damage
  • - % elemental resistance to reach the overcap


Leveling Guide (simple)

Level 1 - 10

- Use Ground slam + Ruthless + Maim

Level 10 - 18

Gorebreaker + Gorebreaker

Level 18 - 28

- Start using Facebreaker gloves + any shield, and get a 4 link Shield Charge + Melee Physical + Added Fire + Faster attacks until you get ice crash

Level 28+

- You can start using Ice crash, see the gems links above. You can use the following uniques to improve your DPS

- Try to get rings & amulet with flat physical damage and high resists. Forget about life for now, such rings are really expensives, they are more affordable without life on it.





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