PoE 3.4 Scion HopeShredder Build with fast mapping

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In poe, Scion's gameplay is very free. You can turn it into a heavy armor with a bow and arrow output but with super high blood volume and red ball. It can also be turned into a physical melee wizard using both hands heavy weapons. The arrival of delve makes players eager to show their talents in the new league. For those who like to use the Scion, the build here may help you.

PoE 3.4 Scion HopeShredder Build with fast mapping

The following introduction will focus on Hopeshredder and gradually create a powerful and simple Scion's build.

Hopeshredder now deals 200 Cold damage per second per Frenzy charge (down from 400). It now also has 15-25% increased Attack Speed. Using a Divine Orb on an existing copy of this item will update that item with both of these changes.

Pros & Cons

  • +Quickly clean the map
  • +Very friendly for low budgets
  • +Easy to equip
  • +High HP value, very safe
  • - No Phys Mitigation-/CI-/Maxblock-/etc. Tank. You need to dodge sometimes during Bosses
  • - RoA will never clear as fast as QOTF TS/KB Builds or Autobombers
  • - Loses in DPS against Builds like my BF Cold Conversion
  • - Harder Maneuvering during Endgame Bosses than Whirling/Leapslam


  • Slayer into Raider into Ranger Start
  • Normal: +20 Dex/Strength and Passive Point
  • Cruel: Take Slayer and +40 Dex
  • Merciless: Take Raider
  • Uber: Take the Ranger Start 
We go Slayer/Raider and take the Ranger Start.
Both of these Ascendancies are required to counter Hopeshredders Downside, while capitalizing on its Benefits to the maximum.
Path of the Ranger enables us to start from a second Point on the Skilltree, saving us a lot of Skillpoints compared to the Levelling Trees.

Skill Tree

Level 30/After Normal Lab Tree:
Level 30

Level 52/After Cruel Lab Tree:
Level 52

Level 68/After Merc Lab Tree:
Level 68

Level 75/After U

Level 75

Note: The Trees above are with 3 Might of the Meeks

They give us (additional) 23% max Life, 59% Crit Multi, 14% Attack Speed, 17% Allres, and 12 INT (or 31 flat Life).

Survivalist is the main Difference between the "HC" and SC Trees. We wear a Kaoms in HC and stack more Cold Res (more than Loreweave allows) for more Tankyness through Life and Phys Mitigation through "Phys taken as Cold".



Skill Gem Links

1. Vaal Rain of Arrows + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Damage on Full Life + Concentrated Effect OR Inc Crit Strikes + Added Cold + Mirage Archer
Rain of Arrows is our Clear and Singletarget Skill at once. EdWA, DoFL and Added Cold are no-brainers, as we deal 99% Cold Damage and are practically always on full Life. While Mirage Archer adds no Damage by itself, it copies our Skill and attacks independantly. This is practically a more Multiplier and helps keep up Damage on Bosses while dodging and cleans Packs while mapping passively.
Inc Crit Strikes should be chosen for mapping, where more reliable Crits and Shatters matter. Conc Effect is the best Choice for Bosses, as it is a huge more Multiplier and narrows down the Area in which our Arrows strike. This makes more hit the Boss, increasing our Damage even further. In case you feel your Damage is shitty while mapping, you can try out Conc Effect there as well until you get better Gear. Just note that clear will be a bit slower, and less safe.
On that topic, Rain of Arrows gets some of the craziest Damage in the Game on either really big Targets (Sunken City Boss e.g.) or in very close Quarters, as the Arrows will all strike the same Target.

2. Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assasins Mark
This is our Curse Setup. While Mapping, your Herald of Ice explosions will Curse enemies and killing them generates you Power Charges and Mana. This is generally the best for Mapping Speed. If you want more passive tankyness you can choose Warlord's Mark instead of Assassin's Mark, generating Endurance Charges instead which will provide security against Physical Damage.

3. Blink Arrow + Faster Attacks + Faster Proj
Blink Arrow is our "oh shit" Escape Button, and this Setup provides the fastest Escape there is from sticky Situations.
That said, Blink Arrow performs just fine without any links. But since we generally have the Sockets, this is a luxury we can afford.
IF you struggle with Socket Amounts, simply drop the supports for Blink Arrow.

4. Hatred OR Wrath, Blood Rage, Frostbomb (Lvl 1), Ice Golem
These go anywhere you have Space and don't need any links.
Wrath should be taken until you have your Hatred Watchers Eye. Once you got that, Hatred is stronger. Both of these are essential and huge DPS Boosts tho.
Blood Rage grants us a lot of Attack Speed and generates Frenzy Charges while killing. The Health Degen is a non matter, as our Overleech keeps us at Full Life. This Skill should be kept up at all times.
Frost Bomb lowers the enemies Cold Resistance significantly, resulting in a huge Damage increase.
Ice Golem boosts our Accuracy and Crit Chance, and will survive more on this Build than on others.

5. Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 1) + Immortal Call (Lvl 3)
The CWDT triggers our Arakaali Buff for a huge Survivability Boost. Check the Pantheon part for more information.
The gem levels are important as CWDT won't trigger the gems otherwise.
Note that this is generally only impactful on Endgame Bosses, as we can trigger our Arakaali Buff while mapping simply by stopping Movement. So if you struggle with your Socket Amount, drop this for now.





Hopeshredder can only drop from The Elder in Tier 6 maps or higher. It cannot be chanced. It will always drop as an Elder item.


This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes: 60x Unique Rings

A rare Quiver: 

Rare Quiver with Life, Crit Chance, Crit Multi and WED. Proj Speed could be a nice addition as well.


While at low life, the character has increased global evasion rating, but reduced damage.


Tombfists are usually the best Gloves for any Attack Build. Not only do they offer a ton of Life and damage inherently, the Intimidate you get from socketing a Murderous Eye Jewel is effectively a 10% more Multiplier for our


Bubonic Trail triggers level 20 Death Walk, which is affected by socketed support gems regardless of whether they are linked. However, since Death Walk is not granted by a skill gem, it cannot be supported by Empower Support, Enhance Support or Enlighten Support.


The above introduction to this build is just a guide. Players can make some adjustments based on their own equipment and gems, as long as they are reasonable and equally effective.

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