PoE Temple of Atzoatl Leveling, Walkthrough, Tips

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Do you know how to level the Temple of Atzoatl? Do you know the common Walkthrough tips? And do you know which is the best room in Temple of Atzoatl? In this article, R4PG will show you a right way to pass Temple of Atzoatl as soon as possible even you are a new player of Incursion league.


In the Atzoatl, many people must be turned into a portal by the new NPC as soon as they enter the new league.


You don't know what happened, what to fight, it was sent out in less than ten seconds.


This is normal because, in fact, you have to know which direction you want to open the door and what boss fights before you enter the portal.


PoE Temple of Atzoatl Leveling, Walkthrough, Tips


Briefly talk about the process of the temple

Every map will definitely encounter NPC Alva. After talking to her, she will let you run the small Temple of  Atzoatl once.


After at least 11 maps, after running 11 small temples, she will open the portal of the Great Temple.


The content of this great temple depends on what you did before the 11 small temples.


If your little temple is just playing, and you don't open the door, your big temple must be hit by the east and the west.


Then, Basically, how to prepare for the small Temple of Atzoatl is correct?

First of all, when you meet Alva, this picture appears.


This is the Temple of Atzoatl map when you first met him. (Or you will return to this after you have completed the Great Temple Of Atzoatl.)

There are 11 chances to return to the past. ( little Temple of Azrael )

This room map will open several rooms to you at random, and the rooms are divided into developed and undeveloped.

The rooms developed were those that wrote I II III in the upper left corner of the room.


Undeveloped is the only name without I II III.

As you can see, except for the entrance below and the Apex of Atzoatl, the total number of other rooms is 11.


Every time you meet Alva, he will randomly let you enter one of the 11 rooms.

Like the picture above, the room has a yellow frame due to the selection of the Cultivar Chamber.


PoE Temple of Atzoatl PIC 1


It can be seen here that this time the selected room was developed because there is a second-order symbol in the upper left corner. On behalf of this is a second-order room. It can be seen here that this time the selected room was selected because there is a 11 symbol in the upper left corner. On behalf of this is a second-order room.

In his lower tunnels and the top Tombs are undeveloped rooms.


Its tunnel below and its upper tomb are undeveloped rooms.

It is worth noting here that this room does not match any room. If you do not open the door or open the wrong door, you will not be able to enter the room in the Great Temple of Atzoatl. (and so on)

At this time, we must look at the room map in the upper right corner.


PoE Temple of Atzoatl PIC 2


This map is the map in the currently randomly selected room.

The meaning of the inside is:

The green up arrow indicates that if you kill this architect, the current room will be upgraded.

Green and red interaction means that if you kill this architect, the current room will be replaced by the designated building.(This will be replaced by the Corruption Chamber.)

The red dot on the wall indicates the unopened door, and the door will turn green when it is opened.


Decision 1

So the first decision before entering the temple is whether I want to upgrade this room or replace it with another room.

Here, I chose to upgrade the current room.

However, if you are entering an undeveloped room, you have to decide whether you want to create a development room or leave it undeveloped.

This is the map of the undeveloped room.


PoE Temple of Atzoatl PIC 3


Killing anyone will turn this undeveloped room into a developed one.

Decision 2 (unless the doors around you are already open)

Which door do I have to open?

Like the first picture.

Because this room is not tied to any other, I want to connect with the main road as much as possible.

Here you can see that the entrance is connected to the Storage room so I have to find the door to open the storage room on my room map.

On the map, you move your mouse over the red dot and it will write which door it is leading to.


PoE Temple of Atzoatl PIC 4


So we want this room to connect with the main road. We need to open the door on the upper right. (because the picture is oblique)

So according to the above decision,


1: upgrade the current room

2: unlock the door in the upper right corner after finding the key

So as soon as you enter the small temple, go up immediately, play the king of the upgraded room, and then clear the nearby little boss to see if there is any key.


Get the key and go to the upper right corner to open the door.


There is another point,


Is it important to open the door or upgrade to change the room? Why do you say that? Because the key does not necessarily fall...... You are mentally prepared and may not drop the key. You think about it, if the key doesn't fall, and the time is not enough to kill the king, you will waste a chance.


So it depends on your current situation. If your room is already on the main road unless you really want to link to a developed room next to it, upgrade to the main.

If your room is developing very well, there are second-order and third-order, then it is important to connect the room to the main line.


Especially the countdown 1-5 small temples. If you find that the main road is far from the top of the tower, try to connect to the room as much as possible. (Because you played the king's time enough for you to play the boss several times.)


There is a special case here, which is in the blasting room. (T1Explosives Room  T2 Demolition Lab  T3 Shrine of Unmaking)


There will be explosives in the blasting room, which will allow you to open an unconnected room. Of course, this is limited to rooms that have been connected to the partition wall, and cannot exceed the distance between one room. There be one explosive in the first and second order, and two explosives in the third order. (I can't be 100% sure, because I only met once)


So if you have a blasting room linked to the main road, you can care less about an unconnected room. It will be fine to open it later.


Ok, these are all Temple of Atzoatl tips that R4PG can share with you, you know what I want to say next? Yes, of course, we want to remind you that it's time to buy PoE Currency from R4PG Internet Game, everyone needs more PoE Orbs can visit our website and get the currency/orbs/items with safe and fast service.

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