Revelation Online

RO, also known as Revelation Online, is a free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by NetEase in 2017. That said the game currency which is most popularly referred to as Revelation Online Gythil is a prized possession which can take the player through many hiccups, smoothly. R4PG Internet Game( can deliver Revelation Online Gythil(RO Gythil) and Revelation Online Power leveling(RO Power leveling) very quickly, because we have a lot of suppliers, and we have signed contract with them, this has ensured us large stock.

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R4PG Tells You How to Improve the Gameplay of Revelation Online

Hi, I am the Chief Editor of R4PG, To day I am going to show you some simple but practical ways to improve the Revelation Online gameplay, that would be:


Is Revelation Online Crafting Professions Limited?

Looking at the life skills, it is entirely possible to take every tree up to the max. Bear in mind this fact, that you only need to unlock the first item in each category to unlock the next


Revelation Online Characters FAQ

Revelation Online Have are currently 6 character classes to choose from and none of them are exclusive to the choice of gender for your character:Swordmage, Occultist, Gunslinger, Blademaster, SpiritShaper, Vanguard

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Path of Exile: Update 2.6.0

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Understand how to pick the best gear and handle orbs

When it comes to belts, these need to provide life and elemental resistance, Gloves need to bring in front a good attack speed, life and elemental resistance.