Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Tank Build

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Tanking in Dragon Bones does not alter too much. Dragonknights are the best tanks build which will help you to tank effortlessly. The build is loaded with lots of magicka sustain for utility and control, in addition to awesome stamina sustain and block abilities. Sounds great? Next time when you really need cheap elder scrolls online gold, you can come to us which is a perfect selection for you. you can check more related builds in here!

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Tank Build



What's Dragonknight?

Dragonknight is a Class in Elder Scrolls Online. These skilled masters-at-arms make use of the ancient Akaviri fighting techinques tradition of fight-spirit, and wield terrifying magic that pounds, shatters and physically alters the planet around them. Dragon Knights can specialize on three distinctive class skills. The gamer is free of charge to pay attention to one line or distribute points, permitting deep build personalization.


Armor and Weapons Selection

The build utilizes two bits of Pirate Skeleton monster set.

Pirate Skeleton's Pauldrons

You will get Pirate Skeleton helmet by doing veteran Blackheart Haven dungeon, and shoulders by submiting keys at Glirion the Redbeard. But you must do undaunted daily dungeons for keys.

Pirate Skeleton provides you with extra resistances, in addition to a huge 30% less damage taken buff that pertains to everything and could make you very durable.

The 1st set of this build employs may be the Seducer set.

Sabatons Of The Seducer

Seducer provides you with lots of magicka management, meaning that you'll be able to utilize magicka skills more frequently, keep managing of mobs and supplement your stamina efforts by utilizing magicka counterparts, such as for instance ranged taunting or pulling mobs with chains.

It's a crafted set that doesnt require many traits and could be crafted by most crafters hanging around. You may also fully personalize your look and traits, so that is perfect.


I'm currently using this set on the below pieces:

Chest (sturdy, heavy).

Legs (sturdy, heavy).

Hands (sturdy, heavy).

Waist (sturdy, heavy).

Feet (sturdy, heavy).

The 2nd set that i'm using within this setup may be the Eco-friendly Pact set.

Necklace Of The Green Pact

Eco-friendly Pact is definitely an overland set that drops in Grahtwood.


It's health advantages in addition to a big last piece bonus that enables us to push our overall health pool over 35.000 points, in addition to have over 1000 health recovery, which quite a bit of passive healing during the period of the battle.


Alternatively, Plague Physician is a great tanking set too, however i prefer Eco-friendly Pact because of additional passive healing it provides.


I'm currently using this set on the below pieces:

2x Swords (protecting, decrease target's physical & spell resistance enchantment).

2x Shields (sturdy, tri-stat enchantments).

Necklace (healthy, reduce price of block & party).

2 Rings (healthy, reduce price of block & party).


All gear ought to be sturdy and also have tri-stat glyphs for optimum overall stats. You'll be getting 2% additional stats via undaunted passives with this particular setup.


Loadout and Skills

My primary Sword & Shield bar has got the following skills:

Unrelenting Grip, morph of Fiery Grip in the Ardent Flame skill tree.

Inner Rage, morph of Inner Fire in the Undaunted skill tree.

Pierce Armor, morph of Puncture in the One Handed & Shield skill tree.

Choking Talons, morph of Dark Talons in the Draconic Power skill tree.

Absorb Magic, morph of Defensive Posture in the One Handed & Shield skill tree.

Aggressive Horn ultimate, morph of War Horn in the Alliance War Assault skill tree.

Pierce Armor Iv

Aggressive Horn is the greatest group support ultimate which you can use, to buff up all stats on your own and allies, in addition to provide damage dealers with a lot more critical damage for any bit. It lasts decently lengthy also it recharges lots of your stats through the fight roar passive.


Unrelenting Grip is actually a magicka skill that may pull mobs and bosses (it features a short small-taunt on cast), and when the prospective can't be pulled, the price is returned, so there aren't any drawbacks for implementing this skill frequently. Either you pull something, or else you dont and it is okay.


Inner Rage is actually a ranged magicka taunt, and that i have intentionally prevented the stamina morph so as to benefit from our seducer armor bonus. When you really need to taunt a mob or perhaps a boss from the distance, make use of this.


Pierce Armor is an ability that can not be lack for those tanks, it's a melee taunt which debuffs opponents, and in conjunction with our enchantments, can make them much simpler to kill.


Choking Talons are utilized once mobs are pulled and grouped round the tank. This can trap them, debuff their damage done making it more simple for damage dealers to dispatch them. Full of control.


Absorb Magic provides passive benefits, 8% lower cost of block and eight Percent more damage blocked, but when you're running with less health insurance and there's spell projectiles which are hitting you, you are able to activate it for a little bit of stamina and heal yourself in the projectile which hits you.


My secondary Sword & Shield bar has got the following skills:

Igneous Shield, morph of Obsidian Shield in the Earthen Heart skill tree.

Shielded Assault, morph of Shield Charge in the One Handed & Shield skill tree.

Hardened Armor, morph of Spiked Armor in the Draconic Power skill tree.

Resolving Vigor, morph of Vigor in the Alliance War Assault skill tree.

Eco-friendly Dragon Bloodstream, morph of Dragon Bloodstream in the Draconic Power skill tree.

Spell Wall ultimate, morph of Shield Wall in the One Handed & Shield skill tree.

Igneous Shield Iv

Spell Wall is a superb ultimate when you really need additional automatic damage reduction, permanent reflect (both physical & spell projectiles) in addition to more stamina (that you can do heavy attacks although this is active).


It may also help while resurrecting other players and generally is a great ultimate to make use of when other things are not available.


Igneous Shield provides us major mending for several seconds, which may be handy when we have to heal ourselves, it provides us 11000 points damage shield (and 1 / 2 of that for allies), so overall it's a pleasant little skill that can certainly help when we have to heal rapidly.


Shielded Assault is our gap closer, getting us from point A to suggest B rapidly, stunning our target and supplying a little damage shield. Overall, it is a really helpful utility skill.


Hardened Armor provides you with major resistances but additionally supply the burning heart passive, which increases your healing while a draconic power ability is active.


It'll return a little bit of magic harm to melee attackers and provide you with a damage shield for any couple of seconds after activation. Anyway, it is a Must-have ability for any tank.


Resolving Vigor functions is being an independent healing skill in situation when the healbot isn't around and you're running with less magicka or you just need more healing and wish to blend it with a magicka heal. It comes in handy while resurrecting other players too.


Eco-friendly Dragon Bloodstream may be the instant self heal magicka ability that heals for 39% of the missing health (it is going up and lower based on buffs), however when fully buffed up it may really heal much (because we have decently high health pool) and could be buffed up by igneous shield obviously (major mending).


When you are getting dangerously with less wellbeing, it'll bail you out of trouble with one cast. If you do not have enough time to make use of igneous shield first, cast it immediately.


It is crucial that you choose this morph because you have to heal according to missing health, another morph provides a fixed value that scales from spell damage and maximum magicka, therefore the heal can be really low and virtually useless.


Mundus and Consumables

Classic bi-stat food buff that provides health & stamina is preferred, but tri-stat is okay too.


The Atronach mundus stone is in the combination with seducer armor to supply more magicka management and sustain.


As well as classic tri-stat potions that restore all 3 stats and supply us along with some extra magicka & health recovery (stamina recovery matters not since you will be blocking frequently).


Passives and Race

The very best race overall for any dragonknight tank, may be the Argonian race. Every other race is going to do, even magicka races, but Argonian has got the most sustain abilities, in addition to generally greater healing done & taken.


You don't need to be considered a vampire or perhaps a werewolf about this build, despite the fact that we are able to mitigate lots of damage, added health recovery is a fairly bonus.


Champion Points

The Tower:

Warlord: 37 points.


The Lover:

Arcanist: 49 points.

Healthy: 49 points.


The Shadow:

Tumbling: 3 points.

Shadow Ward: 72 points.


The Apprentice:

Elfborn: 100 points.

Fortunate: 100 points.


The Ritual:

Precise Strikes: 10 points.


The Steed:

Ironclad: 72 points.


The Woman:

Sturdy: 43 points.

Elemental Defender: 43 points.

Thick Skinned: 37 points.



Quick Recovery: 15 points.



This build was created for the Dragonknight Tank. It's working great, but because of the updates of the game itself, it should take some tweaking. I've many eso builds, so make sure to try them out. A number of these are awesome and will help you have an enjoyable experience. Here is a straightforward guide with this Dragonknight Tank Build and please remember to buy eso gold.

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