Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Builds

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Sorcerer is one of the coolest options when it comes to a Class in Elder Scrolls Online. Sorcerers summon and control weather phenomenon - hurling lightning bolts and creating electrified fields, summoning tornadoes and impenetrable fog and calling upon Daedric forces to summon Storm Atronachs and magical armor. Sorcerers can specialize in three distinctive class skills which change based on staff element. The gamer is free of charge to pay attention to one line or distribute points across many, permitting deep build personalization.

Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Builds


Magicka Sorcerer PVE Build has returned and prepared for Elder Scrolls Online. Having a double destruction staff set up for optimum damage and convenience, the build is very fun to lay with and simple to get to grips with. In addition, it packs a significant punch. At this time you ought to check r4pg.com out as we are the best place that has eso PC/Xbox gold for purchase.


Armor and Weapons Selection

This build uses the brand new Perfected Asylum Staff.

The Asylum'S Perfected Inferno Staff

This really is easily among the best weapons which you can use nowadays, because of the effect it provides and among our primary DPS skills, Pressure Pulse.


Additionally, I'm using double damage with time poisons to boost the damage even greater.


You will have to perform the new Veteran Asylum Sanctorium trial to obtain this staff.


My backbar weapon is the classic VMA lightning staff.

The Maelstrom'S Lightning Staff

And also, one thing to know about this staff is that the general DPS from it will likely be lower, however, it should not cause you a problem overall. 


I personally use the magicka absorption poisons to enhance the sustain a little.


This build also utilizes the Ilambris monster set, for additional maximum magicka and AOE damage with time.


You'll need a light helmet/shoulders, preferably in divines trait to improve in the Mundus Stone effect.

Ilambris'S Epaulets

The very first set this build employs may be the Necropotence set.

Jerkin Of Necropotence

You will get Necropotence in guild stores cheaply, or farm it within the Rivenspire zone.


It adds a lot of maximum magicka, which will help with damage, in addition to our sustain and defense (shield strength).


This is what I am using:

Chest (divines, light).

Legs (divines, light).

Waist (divines, light).

Hands (divines, light).

Feet (divines, light).

The 2nd set that I'm employing within this setup is the Master Architect set.

Master Architect Ring

You essentially want to get any magicka jewelry that contributes a minor slayer bonus, 5% extra damage as proven within the image.


There's a couple of sets that add this, so whichever you like the look of, it'll totally do.


Alternatively, you should use 3x of Self-discipline, it will likely be slightly less DPS but nothing so much that it will cause you a problem. 


This is what I am using:

Necklace (arcane, spell damage glyph).

2 Rings (arcane, spell damage glyphs).

All gear ought to be set up for optimum sustain, and preferably divines for optimum Mundus Stone boost.


You're going to get 2% extra stats through the Undaunted passive with this particular setup.


Loadout and Skills

My Fire Destruction Staff bar has got the following skills:

Hardened Ward, morph of Conjured Ward in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Inner Light, morph of Magelight in the Mages Guild skill tree.

Very Fragments, morph of Very Shard in the Dark Magic skill tree.

Volatile Familiar, morph of Unstable Familiar in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Pressure Pulse, morph of Pressure Shock in the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Shooting Star ultimate, morph of Meteor in the Mages Guild skill tree.

Hardened Ward Iv

Shooting Star is among my personal favorite ultimate's (particularly in PVE) because it does very decent damage by itself, it recharges itself very rapidly whenever you fire it on the pack of mobs.


Hardened Ward is the primary defensive skill, additionally, it protects our pet so that is a nice bonus. Because of our sets along with other skills, there exists a high maximum magicka pool, meaning our shield can is very strong.


Inner Light provides for us 10% spell critical, a little bit of extra magicka and boosts our overall stats through the Magicka Controller passive (Mage's Guild).


Very Fragments is our primary hard hitting skill, fire them back if this procs, otherwise don't use it. It will likewise provide us with a little bit of extra spell critical via Dark Magic's passives.


Volatile Familiar provides for us the fifth bonus from Necropotence, plus some AOE damage when activated. He can take some pressure from us in a few fights, that is advantageous in content like VMA (Maelstrom Arena).


Pressure Pulse will give us all 3 status effects because of the Asylum Staff. It is also our primary DPS skills.


My Lightning Destruction Staff bar has got the following skills:

Liquid Lightning, morph of Lightning Splash in the Storm Calling skill tree.

Elemental Drain, morph of Weakness to Elements from the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Power Surge, morph of Surge in the Storm Calling skill tree.

Blockade of Storms, morph of Wall of Elements from the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Volatile Familiar, morph of Unstable Familiar in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Energy Overload ultimate, morph of Overload in the Storm Calling skill tree.

Liquid Lightning Iv

Energy Overload gives us a third bar in a situation that you want to run anything specific there but we do not have space normally.


I love to utilize it in conjunction with Elemental Drain, to revive lots of magicka rapidly when I'm low, whilst doing massive damage.


Liquid Lightning provides for us a little bit of lengthy duration damage with time (AOE), which we're pairing with another skill afterward.


Elemental Drain gives us constant 300 magicka per second when damaging opponents by using it, that is a crazy sustain bonus (equals to around 600 magicka recovery).


Additionally, it debuffs opponents and raises our overall damage. 


Power Surge gives us self-healing on critical strikes, it provides us a spell damage buff, however, in group content, it's not needed if you are using spell power potions that offer this buff by themselves.


Blockade of Storms gives us a good AOE damage with time effect, it sets opponents off-balance because of our constant Concussion status effect (Asylum Staff).


This provides us another 10% extra damage within the champion system, also it makes opponents susceptible to heavy attacks, that is awesome! 


Lightning damage is splash damage so that you can cause a lot of it because of this debuff.


Volatile Familiar needs to be repeated to make sure that it doesn't get unsummoned, as well as remember to use it on the Overload bar or it'll unsummon whenever you activate it.


Mundus and Consumables

Witchmother's Potent Brew is my preferred drink buff.

It adds overall stats but additionally an enormous increase in magicka recovery, which is essential to get through tricky sections of the game.

Witchmother'S Potent Brew

The Lover Mundus Stone can be used to enhance our spell transmission values, together with Elemental Drain, causing us to be bypass practically all resistances in PVE.


Essence of Spell Power potions is great if you wish to release a couple of skill slots like inner light, power surge and perhaps elemental drain if nobody else is running it.


It can be done in trials when other people are certainly utilizing it.

Essence Of Spell Power

Otherwise, use fundamental magicka potions in order to save up your eso gold, since you have virtually all of the buffs in the skills anyway. 


Passives and Race

I'm a High Elf, for optimum sustain and damage in PVE, but every other race is going to be fine.

You do not have to be a vampire and I would actually suggest for you not to be since certain PVE content provides extensive fire damage.


Champion Points

The Lover:

Arcanist: 100 points.

Tenacity: 100 points.


The Cisco Kid:

Tumbling: 30 points.


The Apprentice:

Elemental Expert: 49 points.

Spell Erosion: 40 points.

Elfborn: 26 points.


The Atronach:

Master-at-Arms: 40 points.


The Ritual:

Thaumaturge: 75 points.


The Steed:

Ironclad: 51 points.


The Woman:

Sturdy: 23 points.

Elemental Defender: 23 points.

Thick Skinned: 51 points.

Light Armor Focus: 10 points.



Bastion: 72 points.



This build was produced for that Sorcerer. It is working great, but as the game updates, it may need some tweaking. I have lots of other eso builds so be sure to check them out. Many of these are awesome and will allow you to have a lot of fun. You can now get reduced priced Elder Scrolls Online Gold for purchase from r4pg.com and we will have more awesome builds very soon.

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