What is the Best and Strongest Elder Scrolls Online Class?

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Hello, everyone. This is R4PG, and welcome to another ESO guide. In this article, we will be talking about the strongest class in Elder Scrolls Online. And this will hopefully help out newer players, as well as intermediate-level players, and maybe even the advanced ones as well. Who is the Strongest Class?


So, in ESO, right now, we have five classes. We have Dragonknights, Templars, Nightblades, Sorcerers, and the Warden class. Now, the Warden class requires the Morrowind chapter, so you have to buy that separately. But I will try and move Wardens out of the way very quickly, because ironically, they're not really the best at anything, they're kind of like a jack-of-all-trades class, and I will be giving you a little bit of information about that as well.

What is the Best and Strongest Elder Scrolls Online Class?

Five Classes


Now, in order to determine the strongest class in Elder Scrolls Online, we have to take a look at the most common archetypes and roles that players usually fulfill, and each class has its strengths and weaknesses, but there are some general guidelines, which I will try and give you in this article.


So, usually, what players do, and this goes kind of for PVP as well, but mainly for PV, we have the roles of the tank, the healer, damage dealers. And we also have everything in between, and this applies to PVP, mostly, where you're kind of expected to do all of those things on your own, because many times, you will be left alone, and you will have to do damage and survive, and all that stuff. But generally speaking, there's also another role, and that is the role of the supporting class. Or if you want to play a support character, to give other allies buffs, and maybe some off-healing.



Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer & Support(PVP)

-DDs Can Be: Melee Or Ranged, And Magically Or Physically Oriented


And this is where the Wardens are the most useful class. They can pretty much anything, they're not really good, in particular, with anything specific. But what they seem to be good at, based on what I've seen so far, is providing support, as well as a little bit of healing, because they do have some interesting healing skills. So, if you want to play a support character, and if you're-- let's say you're a PVP player, you have a group that you always PVP with, then Warden can really help you there. So, that's it for the Wardens, we'll quickly move them out of the way.



Great For A Support Character, Primarily In PVP

Good Buffs & Utility, As Well As Healing Output


Now, the other roles, we have the damage dealing role, and this can further be broken down into a couple of different things. You can be a physical damage dealer, you can be a magical damage dealer, and both of those can further be broken down into a melee range, or in-your-face. Or you can deal damage from far away, and basically, a ranged damage dealer.


Now, the best class for a range damage dealer, in both PVE and PVP is usually considered to be the Sorcerer class, and I would have to agree. I would say that Sorcerers are the best damage-dealing class, magically-oriented damage dealers. At melee range, they're not good at all. So, only range is what apply to the Sorcerer class. Followed closely behind by Nightblade and even Dragonknight and Templars, and lastly, Wardens.



Awesome Magicka Range Damage Dealing Class,

With Very Powerful Are Of Effect(Aoe) Abilities As Well.


So, if you want to play a range that is magically-oriented damage dealer, the Sorcerer should be your class. Alternatively, Nightblades. Now if you want to play a melee magical damage dealer, the one that fights at close range but is also a magically-oriented damage dealer, then the Dragonknight class if the best one, as of now. In theory, Nightblades should be better, but Dragonknights simply perform better, because they focus on fire. They have a lot of skills that are also healing them at the same time, when they fulfill certain effects. A lot of additional buffs, setting enemies off-balance and stuff like that, to do even more damage.



Awesome Magicka Melee Damage Dealing Class,

With Very Powerful Single Target Attacks That Can Also Heal You. This Is A Fire/Poison Themed Class.


If you want to play a melee magical damage dealer, than Dragonknight is definitely your class. Followed closely behind by Templars and Nightblades.


Now, if you want to play a physically-oriented damage dealer, at both melee and range, Nightblades is the best class. They have the most Buffs and Debuffs, utility, and straight-up damaging skills that inflict certain Debuffs at the same time. For example, a melee stamina Nightblade, or a physically oriented Nightblade has DPS skills that also inflict on the de-buffs at the same time. So, that's very, very efficient. Kind of the same as what Dragonknights do with magic. They can do multiple things at the same time. So, if you have a skill that deals damage and also heals you at the same time, there's nothing better than that.



Awesome melee & range damage dealing class, with lots of additional buffs and Debuffs, as well as stealth. Perfect for archers and assassins too.


So, if you want to play a melee stamina damage dealer, you want to go with the Nightblade class. And if you want to play a range stamina damage dealer, physical damage dealer, you also want to go with the Nightblade class. Things like Archers, Assassins, stuff like that, Nightblade is the best class for that, because they also have access to stealth and extra critical damage, and all that stuff. So, in the end, melee or range, you want to go with Nightblade.


Additionally, as melee damage dealers, stamina damage dealers, Dragonknights and Templars can be very decent as well, and even Sorcerers, and wardens, a little bit. But that's it, basically.


So, to recap, quickly. If you're a ranged magical damage dealer, sorcerer is your class. If you're a melee magical damage dealer, Dragonknight is your class. And if you are a stamina melee or range damage dealer, Nightblade is your class. So, that's it for the damage-dealing classes, and what they excel at, the best roles. Now, let's take a look at the healers.


Damage Dealing:

- Ranged Magicka: Sorcerer.

- Melee Magicka: Dragonknight.

- Ranged Stamina: Nightblade.

- Melee Stamina: Nightblade.


Support & Off-Healing For PVP

- Warden & Alternatively Templar


Healers, generally speaking, Templars are the best ones. So, if you want to be a pure healer build, or a healer character, you want to go with a Templar. And, alternatively, if you have access to modeling, you can also go with a Warden, a close second choice. If you also want to focus more on utility and support buffs for your group. But wardens are more useful in PVP, while Templars are more useful in PV. That doesn't mean that they're not useful in PVP, they're also very useful in PVP as well. But primarily, in PV, healers are usually Templars.



Awesome Healing Class Wiht A Lot Of Group Buffs And Resource Management Options.


Other than that, we have the last archetype, or role, and that is the tank roll. And this is where Dragonknights are hands-down the best class. When it comes to tanking and mitigating damage, Dragonknights have the best utility skills and passives, which makes them the most durable ones. They also have some decent self-heals and stuff like that. So, if you want to play a tanking character, you can go with a Dragonknight, this is the best class for a tank. And it can also be useful in PVP as well, because you can edit your tanking character a little bit and provide your allies with a little bit more buffs and stuff like that. Not quite like Warden, but you can certainly do that as well.



Awesome Tanking Class Wiht A Lot Of Crowd Control Options And Damage Mitigation. Very Good At Self Sustaining While Tanking.


So, that's it for the article on what is the strongest class in ESO. A lot of players are asking these questions all the time, and the short answer is, there's no strongest class, really. I mean, I'm sure someone could analyze all the abilities, all the passives, all the possible builds, which will take ages, because there's just so much stuff. In ESO, any class can pretty much fulfill any role. It's just that certain classes are much better at fulfilling certain roles than other classes.


So, to recap quickly. Tanks, Dragonknights; healers, Templars - alternatively, Wardens, Sorcerers and Nightblades can also be healers, but primarily, Templars. Range magical damage dealers, Sorcerers. Followed closely behind by Nightblades. It can also be Dragonknights and Templars, but Sorcerers, primarily. Melee magical damage dealers, again, Dragonknights, focused on fire, and fire does the most damage as well. Melee stamina, physically oriented damage dealers, definitely Nightblades. And also, ranged physical stamina damage dealers, as well, Nightblades. They just have too much stuff going on, and that makes them, hands down, the best ones. Support, additional buffs, especially for PVP, if you want to play in a small group, or even a larger group, Wardens can be very nice. And they can also be very decent healers.


So, that's it for the article on the strongest class. If you've got any questions or like this article, let me know down in the comments below. If you like this site, please, give it a reviews. And if you want to see more The Elder Scrolls Online Gold, click the 'ESO Gold' button. And as always, I hope you have a great day, guys, and I'll see you around.

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