Our Madden 18 Base Elite Predictions

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We are very excited for Madden 18 and as a matter of fact, we already have a space ready for you to buy Madden 18 Coins! But today we want to have a little bit of fun as we predict who some of the base elites for Madden 18 will be. These are just a few of the players we feel will make the cut, but be sure to let us know yours in the comments section down below.


Bobby Wagner: This guy has to be at least an 89 overall! Last season he led the whole darn NFL in tackles. He is like a magnet to the ball, always part of plays and in general, he just does so much when on the field that we feel he has to be a Base Elite in Madden 18.

Our Madden 18 Base Elite Predictions

Ryan Shazier: This Pittsburgh Steeler had a great season with some very impressive stats and the guy is still pretty young. We feel that he is bound to be an 89 in Madden 18 and would be a huge asset to any team that he is on.


CJ Mosely: While being an 89 might be a bit of a stretch. CJ Mosely still had a fantastic season. When it comes to line backers he was second in the league in interceptions. He is a real playmaker so we see him being rated at about 86-88.


Of course, there is going to be a ton more Base Elites than this and we have just been looking at line backers today. But if you are a huge Madden fan like many of us in the R4PG office are. Let us know what your predictions and ratings are for this year's Base Elites.

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