Free POE Exalted Orb Giveaways for Halloween

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Order POE Exalted Orb or Chaos Orb Now

Dear All,

Thank you for your support and understanding in the past POE versions, we will do our best to offer the better service. In order to show our appreciation for your trust, we have decided to launch a activity which is called "Review us to win Exalted Orbs". Anyone who write review under this article will have the chance to win up to 100 Exalted Orbs on Harbinger SC or Standard league. The details are as following:


The First Prize: 100 Exalted Orbs  (3 Persons)

The Second Prize: 10 Exalted Orbs  (15 Persons)

The Third Prize: 5 Exalted Orb  (100 Persons)


If you also repost this activity link elsewhere after you review, we will give you extra 5ex if you win. We will contact you via email after you win, you will need to tell us your character name and league. We will arrange the delivery on Nov. 2, 2017. All the winners list will be posted on our site and we will cover some sensitive information of your email in order to secure your privacy then. Please note this giveaways is only for PC version. For Path Of Exile Xbox One players, if you need to get more cheaper poe xbox orbs, you can visit here to buy.


At the same time, if you order POE Currency on Harbinger SC during Oct 24 to Nov 1, all POE currency price will be 10% OFF, so please buy in time because the price will be recovered once the activity is over.


We will add more Path Of Exile currency and items in next Path Of Exile season and keep selling at the cheap price which cam ensure you can get the cheap stuffs ( Items, Maps and Power leveling).


If you want to get more free poe currency, you can check here!


Thank you again for your attention and support, you can like us on facebook and follow our twitter, we will do giveaways usually.


Best Regards,



The winners are as follows:

The First Prize

1. poe currency

2. NBA2K18MT

3. UnctionJ

The Second Prize

1. Ngai Bok Ong

Has been delivered:

2. Justin Upchurch

Has been delivered:

3. Jae P

Has been delivered:

4. Timothy Muckertlast

Has been delivered:

5. Jerrad Kloss

Has been delivered:

6. Peter N

Has been delivered:

7. Robort Ly

Has been delivered:

PS: We will send an email with the order ID to all winners, please contact our Livechat within 7 days to pick up your prize after you receive our email.

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