Path Of Exile - Best 20 Loot Filter Sound Packs Download

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Since the Path Of Exile approach allowed players to customize the sound of some of the games, many players are happy to share the sound material they made, which gave birth to some very interesting things. Today, we made a special guide on this part, focuses on sharing those "listen" "with a very cool video !


Path Of Exile - Best 20 Loot Filter Sound Packs Download


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How to include custom sounds ?

The lootfilter for delve include a new style, that only uses templated sounds and comes with a set of default-mp3 files.

To integrate your custom sounds into the filter, you'll have to replace the files in that folder. Note that your filenames must match the ones listed below exactly and you also have to copy all files into the %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile folder.

The filenames will be (it should be fairly obvious, what each sound stands for):

  • 1maybevaluable.mp3
  • 2currency.mp3
  • 3uniques.mp3
  • 4maps.mp3
  • 5highmaps.mp3
  • 6veryvaluable.mp3
  • 7chancing.mp3
  • 12leveling.mp3
  • placeholder.mp3


1. Path Of Exile - Diablo 2 Items Drop LootFilter - 3.4 Delve




Rarity of items (best (1) to common (6))

  • 1. Green
  • 2. Blue
  • 3. Red
  • 4. Yellow
  • 5. White
  • 6. Brown

Soundpack: Dropbox
(yes it's Bex name sound i was to lazy to change it but work with my Lootfilter just need to replace sound at that it.)


2. Path of Exile - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater filter sound pack



Download: Mega


3. Path of Exile - Custom Drum And Bass Sound Pack For Loot Filters



Download: Mega or Google Drive


4. Path of Exile - Custom Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Loot Filter for 3.4 Delve



Strict Filter + Soundpack: Dropbox

Soundpack for Neversink template: Dropbox (Has less sounds)

Extract to : "Documents\My Games\Path of Exile" to use.

If you want to edit the filter I recommend using Filtration. Download link:


5. Path of Exile - Dota 2 SFX Sound Pack for Neversink Lootfilter



Link to Sound Pack: Google Drive


6. Path of Exile - Hyperdimension Neptunia Loot Filter Sounds



I want the world to have my awesome PoE Neptunia loot sounds.

How to get them

1. Get the neversink loot filter of your choice and customize it with any sound preset:
2. Download my Neptunia sound files: Dropbox
3. Replace the sound files with your downloaded Neptunia sounds. Be sure to rename them correctly!
4. ...
5. profit!


7. Path of Exile - Starcraft Terran filter



Filter and sounds can be found here (based on Neversink Uber Strict): Google Drive


8. Path of Exile - Star Wars Sound Filter (short preview)



A custom Loot Filter for Path of Exile using Sounds from Star Wars.

The used sounds and a premade Filter file can be found here: Google Drive


9. Path of Exile - Skyrim/Diablo



Download: Dropbox


10. Path Of Exile - DBZ Lootfilter for Path of Exile



Download: Google Drive


11. Path Of Exile - Binding of Isaac Custom Loot Filter Sounds



I don't own any of these sounds.Thanks to Edmund Mcmillen and his team for the awesome game.All credits for filter goes to Neversink.I just edited his filter.

Links for downloads

This one contains filters and sounds but without mediafire account you need to download them 1 by 1.

This one is zipped so easier to download

zip link: Google Drive

This is the UP TO DATE filter.This contains only filters and an explanation text.There are no sounds in this.Make sure you download this when new leagues start.

Updated on 24.09.2018

I made a filterblade version using strict filter.This one only has the sounds so i didn't change any colors.If you want to edit your own colors easily, use this.


12. Path Of Exile - 3.4 Delve: Witcher 3 Custom Lootfilter - Geralt of Rivia



Direct filter link (for you to edit):

NEW sound file: Google Drive

This is a mix of the 2 Witcher filters, both Ciri and Geralt responses.

Filter: Google Drive

Sound Files: Google Drive

Place the unpacked sound files in the same folder where the filter goes.


13. Path Of Exile - 3.4 Delve: Witcher 3 Custom Lootfilter - Ciri, Ashen One



Direct filter link (for you to edit):

NEW sound file: Google Drive

This is a mix of the 2 Witcher filters, both Ciri and Geralt responses.

Filter: Google Drive

Sound files:

Place the unpacked sound files in the same folder where the filter goes.


14. Path Of Exile - AoE 2 Filter for Path of Exile



Download: Dropbox


15. Path Of Exile - 3.4 Delve: Niko the Mad - Custom Lootfilter



Direct filter link:

Sound files: Google Drive

Filter file: Google Drive


16. Path Of Exile - 3.4 Delve: Super Metroid Zero Suit Samus Custom Lootfilter



Direct filter link:
Filter: https: Google Drive
Sound files: Google Drive


17. Path Of Exile - Hearthstone Loot Filter Path Of Exile



Download here: (Filter + Sounds!)

FilterBlade Link


18. Path Of Exile - clean loot filter sounds





19. Path Of Exile - Zelda: BOTW Item Filter Sounds





20. Path Of Exile - Borderlands 2 SFX Lootfilter (Neversink)



Custom Lootfilter Sound Pack for Neversinks Path of Exile Lootfilter. The pack contains a lot of alternative sound files that you can choose from and use for your own filters (doesn't have to be a Neversink filter).



The above is the content we have organized about POE Loot Filter Sound Packs. R4pg is a website dedicated to providing full-service for players. We not only provide the cheap poe currency, but also continuously bring the latest guides and game news to poe players. Welcome Follow us on Twitter and Fackbook



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