Path Of Exile Update 3.1.0 Delayed By A Week - Launch on December 8th

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We are having a fantastic giveaway on POE Currency with our Path Of Exile Orb Halloween Giveaway. And of course, our POE Orbs are still in our Hot Sale so there are great deals all around. POE 3.0 Acquired big success. But just like you, we are very excited for the 3.1.0 update that is coming to Path Of Exile and the folks at Grinding Gear Games have updated us on when we can expect this update to happen.


Originally they were hoping to have this launch on the 1st of December, but now it is looking like it is going to be the 8th of December. This is actually a good thing as it is allowing them to put that extra bit of polish on the update and hopefully this means it will be running great when it first launches.

Path Of Exile Update 3.1.0 Delayed By A Week - Launch on December 8th

The end date of Harbingers is now going to be the 4th of December which we are sure many of you guys are going to be happy about as it gives you a few extra days to get as much out of it as you can.


It is worth noting that these dates are not actually set in stone and over at the official Path Of Exile forums. Grinding Gear Games have said that they will let us know if the date moves back again. But interestingly they do mention about it moving forward, so we guess there is a slim chance that it could make that original 1st of December date they had originally planned on.


One extra week in the grand scheme of things is not a big deal to us and if it makes Path Of Exile 3.1.0 even better, then we are all for it. But we would imagine if the release date slips further than this, some people really are not going to be happy! But would you rather have a game early filled with bugs or wait a bit longer and have a better experience? We know what one we prefer!

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