MU Legend - The Whisperer

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We are very into what Webzen has done with MU Legend. That is why we have made it our mission to be the number one place online for MU Legend Zen and other cool items. Today though, we are looking at one of the main characters/classes that the game has to offer and that is The Whisperer.


Not to many people in the office have really given the Whisperer the credit she deserves, but recently a couple of us had a lot of fun with this character. 

MU Legend - The Whisperer

If you are the kind of player who likes to rush in and just smash, smash and smash some more. Then you may have a little bit of trouble getting to grips with The Whisperer. MU Legend is probably the most hack and slash MMORPG that we have played, but playing as The Whisperer requires you to be a bit more methodical in the way you approach combat. Of course, you can also try other character.


Stealth and ranged attacks are what work best for The Whisperer and while stealth may not be what everyone thinks of when playing MU Legend, you do have to learn to be more sneaky and make use of her speed as well as the ranged attacks. This is because, at first, you cannot take a ton of damage so rushing in the head on is only going to end up bad! It makes playing MU Legend a very different experience and one that is well worth trying.


While playing as The Whisperer is really cool, many of us here at R4PG have really taken a shine to the character design and the backstory which we think is one of the coolest in the game. So what do you guys think of The Whisperer and do you have any tips for getting the best out of her?

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