Madden Mobile 18 Most Feared Packs!

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The spooky season is upon us and Madden Mobile 18 is getting in on this with their Most Feared Packs that they have up on their store. These are an awesome way to not only add a little spooky fun to your game of Madden. But this is far more than just a gimmick as some of the best players in the game are going to be coming from these packs.

Madden Mobile 18 Most Feared Packs!

The craziest card if you ask us has to be Randy Moss. His most feared card is only available for 24 hours (so probably no longer by the time you read this) and he is a monster! With a 102 overall rating and stats like 103 for speed and 100 for acceleration, this is an incredible WR for any Madden Mobile team and we hope some of you guys have been lucky enough to get him in your packs.


Another couple highlights include Hunter Henry who has an overall rating of 87, but the crazy stat on this card is that his speed is 95 and acceleration is 98 which considering he is a tight end is pretty darn crazy! Another top WR that you can get in the Most Feared Packs is Mel Blount who has the incredible rating of 98.


We think this is a very fun promotion and while getting all of the Most Feared players would be near impossible (unless you are willing to spend a lot of money) we are sure that most people who play the game are going to be able to at the very least get a couple.


We would love to hear in the comments section, what Most Feared players you have added to your Madden Mobile 18 team.

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