How To Pick The Best Build For Path Of Exile 3.1?

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As you know, we are getting closer and closer to Path Of Exile War For The Atlas and we wanted to take a break from telling you that we are the cheapest and best place to buy POE currency online. Today we are sharing with you some great builds that we found on the POE forums, which will get you through the upcoming POE 3.1 update. Of course, we do not know for certain how the new skill gems will affect gameplay, but we have a feeling that these builds will work great for most of you guys, or at the very least you will have fun trying them out during the Abyss League.

How To Pick The Best Build For Path Of Exile 3.1?

Sunder Gladiator


Sunder is always a blast to play for as it is a great way to level up quickly so it is ideal for new players and people who want to rush through as a new build. While it is easy to get to grips with, by the time you get to the end game, you will be very well equipped and ready for what is thrown at you. The more melee based style of it really does make it a lot of fun and once you get multistrike with a high end weapon, you can do some serious damage.


Essence Drain


Essence Drain was already something that was great for both beginners and skilled POE players. But one thing we have heard from the people coming here to buy Path Of Exile 3.1 currency is that with the Contagion area of effect buff that lets you do some real damage. From taking down bossing and surviving a real onslaught. You will find that this kind of build works wonders when you are playing aggressively and when you have to play a little on the defensive side as well. You may notice that there are two versions, Trickster and Occultist, have a look at what one will suit you best, but it is worth noting that Trickster while dishing out more damage is not as robust as Occultist.


Dark Pact


While Dark Pact style of builds may not be ideal for HC players. Many people love a build like this as they are powerful and they can do some major damage, relatively quickly. If you are the kind of player that likes to dominate a map, just getting straight to business and laying waste to anything that comes your way, you will have a blast with this. It may not be the best at taking damage, but if you go all out on the offensive, you can really get through maps pretty darn quickly.


Flameblast Totems


You will probably have heard the term Pizza Sticks or Pizza Blast, well this is what people are referring to. It is a great starter for pretty much any league as it really does lay waste to enemies. It only needs 4 links and is very easy to get going. It is the kind of build that is very easy to get the hang of, but some people do not like how long it can cake Spin Up to cast, which if done at the wrong time can leave you vulnerable, especially against bosses. However, once you get the hang of it you will be fine.


We think these are four great builds for the Abyss League and would love to know what you guys think. It is fantastic how great the Path Of Exile community is when it comes to sharing builds. As for the beginner's Build guide, you can check it out here. Thanks for reading and be sure to buy Path Of Exile currency while it is in our Hot Sale so you can get more cheap poe orbs for your buck.

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