Most Popular PoE 3.3 Champion Duelist Builds

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Yes, you will find some of the most popular Champion Duelist builds for the PoE 3.3 Incursion league, which is the title content of new season. Some of our customers ask us for help - they want to find useful and suitable Champion Duelist builds, so R4PG is going to share these build today, hope you guys will find one that suits you. And if you want to find builds for other classes, you can visit our PoE Builds page


Most Popular PoE 3.3 Champion Duelist Builds


1. [PoE 3.3] Frosty Duelist - Dual Swords & Frost Blades


2. [PoE 3.3] Cold Flicker Champion Fast Clear with 1mil+ Shaper DPS [Gameplay Vid Added]


3. [PoE 3.3] The Swordmaster - Dual-wield crit Champion / Slayer - All Contents (updated June 5th)


4. [PoE 3.3] Ben's Crit Varunastra Champion - [OVER 2 Million DPS With Cheap Gear]



1. [PoE 3.3] Frosty Duelist - Dual Swords & Frost Blades

What's new in 3.3


Frost bomb has been buffed :) 


Spent time in standard perfectly :) I returned over every facet of the build, attempted and tested a heap of stuff (hypothermia/maim, Incursion and so forth). I additionally returned within the old trees and past changes and created a brand new tree in line with the Scion version which has a bit more DPS but provides extensive resists (63-71% with alira) and thus much simpler to gear and level :D


New gear/gems etc to take a look at


Siphoning Trap: Throw a trap that, applies debuff beams to a number of nearby enemies for a duration. The beams chill and deal cold damage over time. A beam is also applied to you, granting life and mana regeneration based on the number of debuff beams affecting enemies. Its kind of nice but we don't really have the sockets for it and cwdt doesn't support it



Conqueror then Worthy Foe -> these two are OP, especially can't evade which means we dont have to worry about accuracy


Then Unstoppable hero


Next, I receive Strength when I love permanent fortify particularly with the belt but it's reasonably easy to obtain fortify with whirling blades so rather of strength you can choose


First to strike, Last to Fall as Adrenaline is crazy - in tangible terms over 20% extra damage only when low existence (I'd use spiked mitts instead of tombfist with this particular option due to the intimidate)


(Inspirational - 12% movement   damage (calculates at roughly 5-10% extra damage) appears minimal use in my experience).



Major: sometimes it might be worth altering to match the map mod but many thanks to Chris for his observations concerning the Soul of Arakaali after recording "herald of thunder" (and not the skill jewel) and Bloodstream Rage interaction, if somebody hit us when we're using bloodstream rage and immortal call procs, we take advantage of the Soul of Arakaali power "50% elevated Recovery of Existence and Shield if you have stopped taking Damage With Time Lately", works fantastic, refill existence more faster.


Minor: Reflect is mostly gone so whichever you like.



Alira - crit multiplier gives us more damage than any other option. Resists are always nice to have, especially at an early stage and allows more life/damage on other gear.


PoE 3.3 tree(PoB):


Check full build:



2. [PoE 3.3] Cold Flicker Champion Fast Clear with 1mil+ Shaper DPS [Gameplay Vid Added]



This can be a Pure Cold Damage Flicker Strike Build that utalizes The Red Trail   The Golden Rule Combo to create and Sustain Craze Charges. Nevertheless its only some of the approach we take to get Craze Charges.

This Build could possibly get pretty costly if u wish to min-max it to the maximum Potential. We have to keep your Physical Damage to a minimum because we reflect Bleeding to us and it is scaled from our Physical Damage.



Extremely Fast Clear Speed!

100% Chance to Hit!

Works with mediocre Gear!

Only 4 Uniques required (1 is a Jewel)!

Can get up to 3.5 Million Shaper DPS!



Can get really expensive while min maxing.

Only 6k Life (can be avoided in exchange for some DPS)

Evasion based

Specific uniques required.



Help Alira for the Resists and Crit Multi

Or kill all if you don't need the Resist and extra Crit Multi



Choose freely :D

I chose Soul of the Brine King for Stun meditation and Soul of Shakari for Poison immunity as we already get bleeding on ourselves we dont want another DoT on us 


PoB Tree:


Full build details here:



3. [PoE 3.3] The Swordmaster - Dual-wield crit Champion / Slayer - All Contents (updated June 5th)



What's new in 3.3

No major changes to our build in 3.3, except minor buffs to skills that we can use like Lacerate and Ice crash. Check out Skill gem section.

Currently, level 64 in the Incursion league, will update as soon as something good hits my eyes.


Why should I play this build 

- Simple to build and gearing, no bleed/poison abuse, just pure Phys.

- Flexible with skills, may use all 1h melee sword skill, I mainly use Blade flurry for bosses and Ice crash/lacerate/cyclone for mapping.

- Top quality of existence with stun/bleed immunity, 20% culling and endless leech if playing as Slayer. Enhanced Fortify and stun immunity with Champion.

- 6-7 jewels, enough to complete that which you lack on gear.

- No flask spamming in each and every 2 sec


> Why physical over elemental ? 

- I understand ele build can achieve greater DPS potential and a few of my finish game gears truly are costly but nonetheless convenient and simpler to min-max than trying to purchase gg opal rings or Get married gears with % transmission..




> Why so little life? Only 6k

Because only 2 of my jewels have life on it and both of my rings have crappy 40 life. Try to get life roll on all of your jewels.


> What would you change to make this build HC viable?

Remove Abyssus, run Enfeeble on Blasphemy instead. I would drop half the sword cluster in Ranger area to get more life or Dodge/Spell dodge. The Perfect form is also a very good option.


> What uber enchantment should I aim for?

I prefer the 12% BF aoe over 40% damage. Getting enchantment for your curse or Arctic armor is also very good. (AA receives some duration buff in 3.1)


> Can I use another sword/claw/dagger in off-hand? 

You actually can, but bear in mind that skill like BF doesn't use both weapons at any given time but alters involving the primary hands and off-hands with every attack, the harm doesn't accumulate, and that means you attack together with your primary hands-on first hit your off-hands second. So you are essentially a 1h build and doesn't fully take advantage of dual-wielding.


In short, our build will only benefit from global mods and explicit mods of off-hand weapons, so choose your weapon carefully


End game tree: 

+ Offensive-wise: 

+ Defensive-wise:


Example build:



4. [PoE 3.3] Ben's Crit Varunastra Champion - [OVER 2 Million DPS With Cheap Gear]


There is some customization available for the build

The build has massive dps using fairly cheap gear in Incursion

The build has solid clear speed and insane single target dps for the investment

The build can do uber lab farming 

You can run it with a tabula and farm up gear for another build

The build can level without any specific gear

The build can be played with any attack based skill



It cannot handle reflect maps (Vaal pact is a possible solution but not guaranteed)

It cannot handle no leech maps

Build requires Varunastra and Might of the Meek

The build is below 6k life if you don't have a belly and %life on jewels

Varunastra APS is semi-low so our leapslam speed will always be subpar


PoB link:


Read full build information:


Now you can start your Champion Duelist trip in Incursion league, you can choose one of these builds to use in PoE 3.3, and you can get into the new season as soon as possible with our Champion build, and if you have any demand for PoE 3.3 Currency, you can just visit our website.

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