Elder Scrolls Online Magicka Sorcerer PVP DPS Build

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Awesome sustainable damage, unpredictable burst and a lot of sustain which goes perfectly with great mobility. This build has everything and it is very fun to experience. It really works good in group play, in addition to solo play. Additionally, it has 50 plusPercent spells critical rating when fully buffed up. We'll always share the simple guide immediately with Elder Scrolls Online Build released. Now it's using Unspeakable horror Magicka Magician, that will drop Scare Tactics. Learn new horrors guide and purchase Elder Scrolls Online gold cheap here. See other Sorcerer builds!!

Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Builds

Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer PVP Build

Elder Scrolls Online Magicka Sorcerer PVP DPS Build


Armor and Weapons Selection


This build utilizes two bits of the Valkyn Skoria monster set.

Valkyn Skoria Hat

You will get Skoria by doing veteran town of ash 2 dungeon for that mind piece, and shoulders by submitting keys at Gilirion the Redbeard's chest, in the undaunted enclave. You must do daily dungeon quests provided by the NPCs.


Both mind & shoulders ought to be light with maximum Magicka enchantments, any traits is going to do, ideally infused/divines or both impenetrable.


Skoria provides you with a few health points, as well as an unpredictable meteor that does very decent damage and may surprise the other players. It can't be dodged.


Sorcerers tend not to make use of this monster set frequently, however, this build concentrates on lots of damage with time too, and great advantages of it. Alternatives are sets like Grothdarr.


The very first set this build employs may be the Seducer set.

Cuirass Of The Seducer

The seducer is a superb sustain set that's super easy to obtain, most crafters hanging around can craft this, and you may also fully personalize your traits & style. I'm only maintaining your fifth bonus participating in my back bar, where my most costly skills are.


It's also important to note which I get a little bit of additional sustain using the drain Magicka poisons that offer 3 ticks of Magicka & stamina, only on my small back bar.

Drain Magicka Poison Ix

I'm by using this focused on the next pieces:

Restoration Staff (protecting, reduce target's weapon & spell damage enchant).

Chest (reinforced, heavy).

Legs (impenetrable, medium).

Hands (impenetrable, light).

Feet (impenetrable, light).


The 2nd set that I employing within this setup may be the Lich set.

Zaven'S Doomstaff

You will get lich by doing crypt of hearts, the very first dungeon version is required to obtain this excellent sharpened destruction staff, but it can be done in normal mode, it's totally fine. For jewelry, I suggest veteran mode.


There's a UI bug with Mezeluth Rings (unique lich rings) plus they display more spell damage around the character sheet (and tooltips), however, the damage is identical with all of the rings. I've tested around the target skeleton, so don't be worried about which rings you receive, it's the same.


It's also vital that you slot double damage poisons around the flame staff, to be able to proc skoria meteor more frequently in conjunction with the abilities this build uses.


You have to craft poisons which have 'ravage health' & 'gradual ravage health' traits.


I additionally keep lich fifth bonus active only around the front bar, so will be able to carry on using a complete monster set and retain 8% from seducer around the back bar. This permits me to operate 3 different sets having a destro/resto build.


I'm by using this focused on the next pieces:

Destruction Fire Staff (sharpened, increase weapon & spell damage enchantment).

Waist (impenetrable, light).

Necklace (arcane, spell damage glyph).

2 Rings (arcane, spell damage glyphs).


All gear should add maximum Magicka enchantments and you'll be getting 6% undaunted stats with this particular setup.


Loadout and Skills


My Destruction Staff bar has got the following skills:

Flame Achieve, morph of Destructive Touch in the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Never-ending Storm, morph of Lightning Form in the Storm Calling skill tree.

Very Fragments, morph of Very Shard in the Dark Magic skill tree.

Haunting Curse, morph of Daedric Curse in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Pressure Pulse, morph of Pressure Shock in the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Soul Assault ultimate, morph of Soul Strike in the Soul Magic skill tree.


Soul Assault does lots of damage, can't be dodged and inflicts an enormous snare. You are able to cause more pressure than normal in your enemy with this particular and in addition, it procs skoria meteor (that is great if this happens). You need to be careful that you're within the obvious to make use of this because it is a funnel and can make you vulnerable.


Flame Achieve is really an instant crowd control ability that knocks back opponents, does a little bit of initial and damage with time. The aim is to set up our next damaging skill, as well as proc the double damage poisons since it's ammunition ability. This procs skoria meteor.


Never-ending Storm is mobility and resistances, in conjunction with our back bar mobility, it can help to escape from the battle if needed. The harm with time component also procs skoria meteor.


Very Fragments is really a hard-hitting spell which should mostly simply be used if you have it ready using a proc, and check out to put it together with flame achieve too.


Haunting Curse is perfect for applying sustainable pressure, can't be blocked or dodged, unsure whether it procs skoria meteor, however, it does behave as damage with time though, so it's totally possible. Never tested.


Pressure Pulse is sustainable DPS that you employ to fill your rotations and cause more damage, in addition to proc the harm with time poisons. It may also cause the burning status effect, that is another damage with time ingredient that also procs skoria meteor.


My Restoration Staff bar has got the following skills:

Hardened Ward, morph of Conjured Ward in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Ball of Lightning, morph of Secure Avoids the Storm Calling skill tree.

Daedric Minefield, morph of Daedric Mines in the Dark Magic skill tree.

Harness Magicka, morph of Annulment in the Light Armor skill tree.

Healing Ward, morph of Steadfast Ward in the Restoration Staff skill tree.

Light's Champion ultimate, morph of Cureall in the Restoration Staff skill tree.

Light'S Champion Iv

Light's Champion provides you with an enormous healing with time (furthermore a friend), in addition to the major protection that lasts longer and refreshes on every tick, then when you're in danger, make use of this and you ought to be fine unless of course focused by many people players.


It is identical to the previous ultimate which means you always realize that when the first is ready, another the first is ready too.


Hardened Ward may be the primary defensive shield that virtually just about all magicka sorcerers use. It's important we have one daedric summoning ability on bars, so the daedric protection passive is active whatsoever occasions (20% more stamina & health recovery).


Ball of Lightning will work for mobility and be absorbing spell projectiles, essential in big battles. Blend it with the never-ending storm to attain good mobility around the battlefield and try to avoid pressure, you're there to manage damage and never tank.


Daedric Minefield is ideal for keeping melee attackers away and punishing them with many different damage and immobilizations once they part of. Because we critically strike frequently, this can hurt them a great deal.


Harness Magicka must only be utilized when fighting other Magicka opponents because the shield isn't big, you need to 'stack it under' hardened ward so you retain full-benefits of restoring magicka in the shield's effect.


Otherwise, don't use it since it costs a great deal and doesn't give much shielding power.


Healing Ward is potentially a large shield when you are in danger and may behave as a heal whether it expires and you aren't broken. When you get below 80% health points, utilize it following the other two. Then you're defensive ultimate and/or ball of lightning, or preferably both.


Mundus and Consumables


I'm while using Witchmother's Potent Brew drink buff that provides me Magicka recovery, maximum health & magicka.

Witchmother'S Potent Brew

The Crook Mundus stone enables me to perform a large amount of critical damage, but when you're a more recent player and you're less experienced, opt for The Atronach or even the Serpent stone for additional resource management.


One other good alternative may be the Apprentice stone because spell damage will help you against damage shields too.


So there's no 'best Mundus stone' with this build, there's a couple of alternatives and all sorts of work good.


I'm also while using spell power potions, so I'm playing it a little more dangerous, however, in turn, I do not need to use skills that provide me these buffs and that I can focus more about my rotations and damage.


Again, if you are a more recent player before you have more experienced, opt for tri-state potions. You'll have lower damage but you'll convey more stamina management before you gain in knowledge about the build and discover its boundaries.


Also, when fighting Magicka & stamina nightblades, it's helpful to achieve the following potions on quick slot:

Essence Of Spell Power

Passives and Race

I'm a High Elf but any Magicka race is going to do. Dark Elves, Bretons, even Argonians - they're great, so take it easy if you are no Altmer, it's totally fine.


There's you don't need to be considered a vampire about this setup.


Champion Points


The Tower:

Siphoner: 36 points.

Warlord: 51 points.


The Lover:

Arcanist: 43 points.

Mooncalf: 43 points.


The Shadow:

Tumbling: 37 points.


The Apprentice:

Elemental Expert: 75 points.


The Atronach:

Shattering Blows: 51 points.

Master-at-Arms: 72 points.


The Ritual:

Thaumaturge: 12 points.


The Steed:

Ironclad: 72 points.


The Lady:

Sturdy: 19 points.

Elemental Defender: 19 points.

Thick Skinned: 28 points.


The Lord:

Bastion: 72 points.



This build was produced for that Elder Scrolls Online update. Later on it could require an update, but for now - browse the builds section for those other builds that I've done to date. Isn't it time to defeat the Unspeakable horrors to obtain drops? Let's buy eso gold cheap first.

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